papastu (papastu) wrote,


Been in and around lately, feels like i've been way more gone than here (or there).

I took the Anderson job finally on Thursday. I'm sitting @ $11 an hour to stock cd's , due to their fuckups. Im thinking that i'll sap some money from them, and bounce before the summer is over, considering how pissed ive been and how dragged all over eternity this 8 week ordeal has been. I really dont owe them anything, and feel no real love for this place, this has turned into a moneymaking opportunity. Now all my owed hours will be paid back, including the ones from the first 6 weeks. Yah 30 more hours of pay!

Took the girls to a Giants game tonight. I can get the Fake GF to go most anywhere, but her roommate, being such a Diehard Oakland A's fan, takes a little more effort (which is well worth it). Only been trying to get her to go to a game at PacBell (i mean SBC what a fucking lame name) for 3 months. SO since my SF Giants were playing the A's at home I knew that I could get her to go. She helped pick out a new jacket for me to replace the sweatshirt that my mom killed, when it got dryed and shrunk like no ones business. Game started out all A's, but it turned Giants by the 3rd and the 4th had Bonds HR 680 and we had the game in the bag then. Yorveet Torvealba the Giants catcher (the other one, next to AJ Persinsky) had a killer colision play at home, getting the runner out, and an amazing bunt catch to get em out of the 8th. All in all a GREAT GAME with a 7-3 victoly for the good guys.

Hope I didnt miss the partee in TS tonight. If so, boo, if not, my vote is for next friday, as ive got concert sunday, and will most likely get to hang out with the obsessive friend on Sat for her house warming party... that im getting greif for flaking a week before it happens.

Concert most of tomorrow with the Fake GF, so i'll be around morning and evening should anyone care.
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