papastu (papastu) wrote,

My Turn, My Turn!!!!!!!!!

Talked with Jerry last night, and he said that they (Papa Roach) will be playing in the Bay Area the first week of Aug... Why thats the week of my birthday.... I'd love a show at Slims on the 2nd.... That would be fuckin super. /me crosses any part of body that will cross for good luck.

I get to start work officially tomorrow. Problem is that now I might make a move to start sellin a HUGE amount of stuff on eBay for my Grandma, as well as someone else... That would be a full job kinda thing. Other problem is that some Paleopathology stuff has started for the group im with. They tell me that I missed the first meeting (that I got no notice of) and havnt responded back to my emails.... Id love to be doing this, this is great experience... Id just like to know what the fuck is going on.

Mr. DP asked me to write the intro to the Playstation section for DP Advanced today... I feel very honored to get the offer, when I think that both Dangerboy and Kevincure are even more insane than me, one with al the games, and the other who made the list all on his own (with our help), would both do a kick ass job as well. I will do my best.

Bought tickets for Hoobastank today. Im going for the openers Dredg (one of my favorite local bands, who actually got out of just being local) and Amelia "the Fake-GF" is going for Phantom Planet and we'll both enjoy teh Hoobastank. Now to go get the Channel 104.9 tickets so she can see who ever teh hell is playing there. She bought the last round of tickets... this round is on me.

Ive been surprised, the last 2 friday events have been surprisingly fun. I am indeed shocked, thinking that they we're gonna be more of a bore. But since i'm there, there is someone who gets to be a brunt of the jokes, and the massive amounts of sugar consumed have kept us all lively and fun.

After hearing about CaptYash and Oobgarm babble about SSBM on TS last night, i went and earned my first new character in something like 2 years last night. Fucking Falco... U were easy to get this time. I must get more trophys, and characters.
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