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Stuness Happy Fun Hour
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in papastu's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
7:35 pm
Snippa SnippaCollapse )

I had to reanswer the last two.... those answers given just wern't me. I like these ones better.
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
2:12 am
Been in and around lately, feels like i've been way more gone than here (or there).

I took the Anderson job finally on Thursday. I'm sitting @ $11 an hour to stock cd's , due to their fuckups. Im thinking that i'll sap some money from them, and bounce before the summer is over, considering how pissed ive been and how dragged all over eternity this 8 week ordeal has been. I really dont owe them anything, and feel no real love for this place, this has turned into a moneymaking opportunity. Now all my owed hours will be paid back, including the ones from the first 6 weeks. Yah 30 more hours of pay!

Took the girls to a Giants game tonight. I can get the Fake GF to go most anywhere, but her roommate, being such a Diehard Oakland A's fan, takes a little more effort (which is well worth it). Only been trying to get her to go to a game at PacBell (i mean SBC what a fucking lame name) for 3 months. SO since my SF Giants were playing the A's at home I knew that I could get her to go. She helped pick out a new jacket for me to replace the sweatshirt that my mom killed, when it got dryed and shrunk like no ones business. Game started out all A's, but it turned Giants by the 3rd and the 4th had Bonds HR 680 and we had the game in the bag then. Yorveet Torvealba the Giants catcher (the other one, next to AJ Persinsky) had a killer colision play at home, getting the runner out, and an amazing bunt catch to get em out of the 8th. All in all a GREAT GAME with a 7-3 victoly for the good guys.

Hope I didnt miss the partee in TS tonight. If so, boo, if not, my vote is for next friday, as ive got concert sunday, and will most likely get to hang out with the obsessive friend on Sat for her house warming party... that im getting greif for flaking a week before it happens.

Concert most of tomorrow with the Fake GF, so i'll be around morning and evening should anyone care.
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
12:54 pm
I'm On The Highway To Hell

PapaStu Highway
Family Farm35
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Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
9:21 pm
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
6:19 pm
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Monday, June 28th, 2004
3:14 pm
Clikcy Click
Ya know how fucking annoying it is, to have to click on every livejournal link like 3 times before i can even post something. Fucking error my ass.

Im still not hired, ive been waiting to get called back by the DM since Friday afternoon, when once again she promised to call me right back after she was going to call HR to get me my employee number, so I can get fucking paid. Fuck this job, and the horse it rode in on. Im about to let 58 hours of work go out the window cause I'm just so fucking tired of this shit over the last 8 weeks.

Anyone want to help me get a new job?
Monday, June 21st, 2004
4:36 pm
My Turn, My Turn!!!!!!!!!
Talked with Jerry last night, and he said that they (Papa Roach) will be playing in the Bay Area the first week of Aug... Why thats the week of my birthday.... I'd love a show at Slims on the 2nd.... That would be fuckin super. /me crosses any part of body that will cross for good luck.

I get to start work officially tomorrow. Problem is that now I might make a move to start sellin a HUGE amount of stuff on eBay for my Grandma, as well as someone else... That would be a full job kinda thing. Other problem is that some Paleopathology stuff has started for the group im with. They tell me that I missed the first meeting (that I got no notice of) and havnt responded back to my emails.... Id love to be doing this, this is great experience... Id just like to know what the fuck is going on.

Mr. DP asked me to write the intro to the Playstation section for DP Advanced today... I feel very honored to get the offer, when I think that both Dangerboy and Kevincure are even more insane than me, one with al the games, and the other who made the list all on his own (with our help), would both do a kick ass job as well. I will do my best.

Bought tickets for Hoobastank today. Im going for the openers Dredg (one of my favorite local bands, who actually got out of just being local) and Amelia "the Fake-GF" is going for Phantom Planet and we'll both enjoy teh Hoobastank. Now to go get the Channel 104.9 tickets so she can see who ever teh hell is playing there. She bought the last round of tickets... this round is on me.

Ive been surprised, the last 2 friday events have been surprisingly fun. I am indeed shocked, thinking that they we're gonna be more of a bore. But since i'm there, there is someone who gets to be a brunt of the jokes, and the massive amounts of sugar consumed have kept us all lively and fun.

After hearing about CaptYash and Oobgarm babble about SSBM on TS last night, i went and earned my first new character in something like 2 years last night. Fucking Falco... U were easy to get this time. I must get more trophys, and characters.
Sunday, June 20th, 2004
9:37 pm
Thursday, June 17th, 2004
1:54 am
I am diseased...
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PapaStu disease causes a constant lack of clothing.
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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
11:33 pm
Mmmmm mixed drinks
How to make a PapaStu

5 parts competetiveness

1 part self-sufficiency

1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little caring if desired!
Saturday, June 12th, 2004
1:34 am
Catching up...
Spent a day trying to catch up on things....

Our house is too quiet. No more can one hear the clicky of nails on the hard wood floor. No more "shoo!", "Get out of the Kitchen!" No more sleepy doggie at the front door when I come over in the afternoon. I dont think that its settled in like it has the last few times ive been home that shes gone. There isnt a face waiting for me at the back door, there is no pawing for attention as i sit there next to her, ALREADY scratching her. There is not puppy who allways finds a way to be underfoot be it sitting at the couch, or the recliner... I miss her so much right now...

Hung with some of the friends tonight... Figgured that Dinner and games was going to be boring. It wasnt too bad. I go my ass handed to me in Skip-Bo. Fucking game, but we did eat like 50 pounds of sugar, and i shotgunned 10 pixi-sticks ar the same time. All in all it was fun, to bad we wernt recording the stupid talk, it would have been great, so many bad lines about me, it wasnt even funny.

Tried to mail out Dangerboys item today, until I forgot that the post office was closed for Regans Funeral. Oopsie on me... Im a fucking retard... It will be sent out tomorrow I promise for the 3rd time....

I owe the Funk a game too, cause well something came in the mail today, so someone needs to PM me some personal info, so i can send that thing out.
Sunday, June 6th, 2004
9:23 pm
Jason, is there something that I should know?
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
11:31 pm
All good things....
Shelby my dog, (well she wasnt my dog, i think that i was more her boy than anything else) passed away around 9pm.

She held on till the end, not wanting to go, but knew it was her time. She was sitting next to dad, and got all the love and attention one could hope, getting pets and love until she started to have problems breathing. She was rushed to the car but was gone before before they got anywhere.

She will be missed, she was loved and is still loved.

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, May 29th, 2004
3:50 am
Kinda tipsy, drunk I dont really know. It was fun after History Ceremonys. I'm kinda afraid about tomorrow only cause my head is kinda woosy, and i need to make sure taht I wake up. I had alot to drink, especially for me. 3 Guiness, then a frogs ass (which was kinda sweet) and then 2 Irish Carbombs. After last call we went to friends apartment complex like 3 blocks from campus, and while waitin for people to show up, crahsed a party goin on there. They made me drink double shot of Rum, just to walk in the door. My head is all there, but kinda Woosy. I cant believe I typued this much, and most of it wasnt all that bad.

Time for sleep, And have Anthro graduation tomorrow.

P.S. Have a total crush on my friend Nancy's roomate, Emily. Shes so funny, and witty Cute and all the rest.. To bad she's leavin for France this summer. Maybe something could happen. I did tell Nancy I liked Emily. Time will telll. Maybe she'll drop some hints. Not that im lookin for someone serious,, but someone would be nice, Emily would be nice.

Time for nite nite, kinda not all here, though I am. Weird.

Current Mood: Really kinda sorta Wasted.
Monday, May 24th, 2004
12:38 am
PapaStu is a radioactive squirrel!!


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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
1:45 am
I am SO addicted to this, over and over it plays, and I am not getting tired of it.


Spread this like a virus Nik!
Monday, May 17th, 2004
1:53 pm
Life, how short it really is.
Shelby my dog, has been diagnosed with congestive Heart failure. Basically what that means is that her valves in her heart wont close all the way and blood can rush back, creating a murmor, and stretching in the heart. All bad news. Shes had this which has slowly been progressing over the last year+. Lately it seems like she is having mini strokes and she just falls down for no reason. Weve taken her to the vets, gotten her what medecine we can give her with out hurting her, and just going on with out daily routine. My parents have experienced her fall a few times the last month or so. A few days ago I got to deal with Shelby's colapse first hand.

After getting home from bowling late on Saturday night/ early Sunday morning I had a real bad scare.

The dog was actin like she needed to go out front and go potty, so I took her out front to do her business. After her usual sniffing of bushes, she decided to leave a present on the neighbors lawn (which I cleaned up when it was light out) and per her usual she gets kinda excited after goin potty so she trotted herself back up to the front door. I let her in and then walked down the hallway to get something out of my room as she got herself a drink of water. I come out of the Playroom to see that she has fallen to the ground. I rush over to her, as she lets out her first wimper/yelp. As I call out her name, my parents get woken up and come over to see whats going on. As I sit there holding her she looses control and pees all over herself. (shes done this a few times before with my dad, while this is going on). Ive never seen the fear that was in her face like I did Sunday morning. She had the look of she knew that there were problems with her, and that she was truly scared for her life. Theres nothing tha we can do for her, except be there and hold her. I wnted to pick her up, but she needs to get back up on her own (Vets orders). Theres something about picking her up and her heart that wont mix.

Im scared for her. Shelby is my baby, and has been the best dog ever since 1989. Ive never known a more mild manner dog, who loves our cats, and who is such a people person. I wish that there was something that I could do, but know that there isnt. I enjoy every day with her (that I am home) becuase I know its getting towards the end for us.

Now I know what parents go through when they have really sick children that they know arnt going to outlive them.
Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
3:09 pm
It works...
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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
11:07 am
For Nik...
Yes someones wasted space on the internet, I dont know how something like that could ever happen, but actual space is being wasted. You have been warned.

Saturday, May 1st, 2004
1:20 am
"Go Ahead..."
I got to work my indy gamestore for like almost an hour today (well yesterday if were being technical). Manager was stuck on the phone with one of those hearing assisted calls. Why do people do that? Most game questions tend to have somewhat longwinded answers, OR have mutiple questions. Either way he was on the phone for a good 20 minutes so it was employee Steve to the rescue. Kinda sucky that in that short time that I did that, I sold a buncha stuff, when most of the employees wouldnt have been able to do that. Yes it helps that there was a store closing sale, but those games were moved because of me. Those wernt titles that naturally moved on their own. I continued my mission of clearing out the store of product, bringing home another small bundle of stuff. Now im just waiting to see what kinda PSOne games are left, and hopefully I'll make a deal and just take home anything that I dont already have. That and a PlayStation Neon sign that im trying to get a price on would kick so much ASS!!!!!!!! They have a Nintendo and a Sega one too, but I dont think that I can afford all 3 of them, let alone the fact that the store owner is probably going to keep them and the second PS sign, and even if I could, theres no place to put them.

After dinna with the parents, I went to Best Buy and got myself the "Dangerboy" approved camera. The Canon PowerShot A 80. Of the 20 + cameras there, i liked the functions and the feel of that line the best. Only spent an hour waiting on help to get tha damn thing. Now the next mission is to take pictures of my "Room Of Doom" and it sure looks that way right now because its DAMN messy. Anyone want to host pics for me once I get em taken? Maybe I should get my own webspace, but I dont know shit about webdesign, and have no clue as to what domain name best suits lil ol me. I'll take suggestions on that one too.

Discovered a (not that I actually discovered her, shes wasnt lost or anything) roommate of a friend, who is simply amazing. Funny, witty and smart. A true beauty, she just lights the place up with her personality. Not only that but she gives me a run for my money on jokes and snappy comebacks. Kicker is that she is leaving for France at the end of the semester. That leaves NO time to try and start a relationship. BAH, another one bites the dust...
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