papastu (papastu) wrote,

Life, how short it really is.

Shelby my dog, has been diagnosed with congestive Heart failure. Basically what that means is that her valves in her heart wont close all the way and blood can rush back, creating a murmor, and stretching in the heart. All bad news. Shes had this which has slowly been progressing over the last year+. Lately it seems like she is having mini strokes and she just falls down for no reason. Weve taken her to the vets, gotten her what medecine we can give her with out hurting her, and just going on with out daily routine. My parents have experienced her fall a few times the last month or so. A few days ago I got to deal with Shelby's colapse first hand.

After getting home from bowling late on Saturday night/ early Sunday morning I had a real bad scare.

The dog was actin like she needed to go out front and go potty, so I took her out front to do her business. After her usual sniffing of bushes, she decided to leave a present on the neighbors lawn (which I cleaned up when it was light out) and per her usual she gets kinda excited after goin potty so she trotted herself back up to the front door. I let her in and then walked down the hallway to get something out of my room as she got herself a drink of water. I come out of the Playroom to see that she has fallen to the ground. I rush over to her, as she lets out her first wimper/yelp. As I call out her name, my parents get woken up and come over to see whats going on. As I sit there holding her she looses control and pees all over herself. (shes done this a few times before with my dad, while this is going on). Ive never seen the fear that was in her face like I did Sunday morning. She had the look of she knew that there were problems with her, and that she was truly scared for her life. Theres nothing tha we can do for her, except be there and hold her. I wnted to pick her up, but she needs to get back up on her own (Vets orders). Theres something about picking her up and her heart that wont mix.

Im scared for her. Shelby is my baby, and has been the best dog ever since 1989. Ive never known a more mild manner dog, who loves our cats, and who is such a people person. I wish that there was something that I could do, but know that there isnt. I enjoy every day with her (that I am home) becuase I know its getting towards the end for us.

Now I know what parents go through when they have really sick children that they know arnt going to outlive them.
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