papastu (papastu) wrote,

Catching up...

Spent a day trying to catch up on things....

Our house is too quiet. No more can one hear the clicky of nails on the hard wood floor. No more "shoo!", "Get out of the Kitchen!" No more sleepy doggie at the front door when I come over in the afternoon. I dont think that its settled in like it has the last few times ive been home that shes gone. There isnt a face waiting for me at the back door, there is no pawing for attention as i sit there next to her, ALREADY scratching her. There is not puppy who allways finds a way to be underfoot be it sitting at the couch, or the recliner... I miss her so much right now...

Hung with some of the friends tonight... Figgured that Dinner and games was going to be boring. It wasnt too bad. I go my ass handed to me in Skip-Bo. Fucking game, but we did eat like 50 pounds of sugar, and i shotgunned 10 pixi-sticks ar the same time. All in all it was fun, to bad we wernt recording the stupid talk, it would have been great, so many bad lines about me, it wasnt even funny.

Tried to mail out Dangerboys item today, until I forgot that the post office was closed for Regans Funeral. Oopsie on me... Im a fucking retard... It will be sent out tomorrow I promise for the 3rd time....

I owe the Funk a game too, cause well something came in the mail today, so someone needs to PM me some personal info, so i can send that thing out.
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